about us

Investors increasingly want solutions they can customize, that meet their unique risk and return objectives. The Ashtead Group is able to deliver these solutions, because we aren’t limited to one commercial real estate strategy.

A value approach to investing

We make all our investment management decisions using a time-tested process which includes rigorous, in-depth research with a focus on maximizing investment returns that match your risk tolerances and preferences.

Comprehensive market coverage, unique understanding

Our expertise in all areas of the commercial real estate market—public equity, private equity, public debt, and private debt—gives us a unique understanding of the market.

This helps us make a comprehensive risk-adjusted return assessment, for your portfolio—providing you with a strong, stable, and successful solution you can feel confident investing in.

why choose us


Market knowledge

Guiding your investment to deliver immediate cash flow and provide means for maximum future capital appreciation.



Long-standing business relationships provides our clients with access to an extensive investment pipeline.


Experienced staff

Advising our clients on the most suitable and profitable investment opportunities.

Our advantages

The Ashtead Group is a dedicated real estate investment firm built on a vertically integrated platform that incorporates all disciplines of commercial real estate. By providing access to opportunities across the spectrum of public and private equity and debt investments, our clients are able to customize their real estate portfolios to their specific objectives, including sustainability and risk management guidelines.